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About Alexa Answers

What is Alexa Answers?

Alexa Answers is a community where Amazon users can answer questions for Alexa. It contains questions in categories such as Science, History, Literature, and Music which Alexa would like your help in answering. Contributors can see the impact their answers have through points, shares, and feedback from Alexa and Alexa users.

Who can participate in Alexa Answers?

Alexa Answers is open to all users with and Amazon account. Participation in Alexa Answers is voluntary.

What are the rules of participation?

Community Members are expected to provide quality answers and behave respectfully to others on the site, and abide by the Amazon Conditions of Use. You can read more about community and contribution rules in our Answer Guidelines and Community Guidelines. Community members that do not abide by these guidelines will have their answers removed and their accounts suspended or blocked.

Questions on Alexa Answers

Where does Alexa Answers get questions from?

The questions on Alexa Answers are facts Alexa users want to know. If a lot of users ask Alexa a question she cannot currently answer, that question may be published on Alexa Answers.

How do I find questions to answer?

You can find questions many ways. You can start by going to the “For You” page to see personalized questions. You can navigate to the “Questions” page to browse questions by category and tags. Use the search bar on the questions page to find questions that contains a specific keywords. You may also look at answered questions throughout the site. If you have a better answer, you may click the question text to contribute your answer on the question page.

What are Hot, New, and Popular questions?

Tags on questions indicate that question is exceptional in some way. A New question is one that recently appeared on Alexa Answers. A Hot question is a question without a live answer that is being asked by a lot of Alexa users. It is also more likely to get asked again by other Alexa users and providing an answer will have a bigger impact in terms of the number of shares it is likely to receive. A Popular question is a question that has a lot of answering activity on Alexa Answers. Popular might be an indication that a question is interesting and has lots of possible answers.

What are bonus questions?

Bonus questions are questions that will grant extra points when answered. Bonus question may appear on your For You questions and through out the site. They are much rarer than Hot, Popular, or New questions.

Can I personalize questions I see?

You can personalize your For You questions by category. Click the “Customize” link to select 3 or more categories that interest you. Alexa Answers will prioritize these categories in your “For You” questions.

How can I report or remove a bad question?

Reporting bad questions helps Alexa Answers improve its question selection. If you find a question that is inappropriate or unanswerable, you may use the flag icon to report the question and select the reason you think the question should be removed. Once you’ve flagged a question, it will be removed from your feed. If other community members flag the question, or if a community moderator flags the question, it will be removed from the site for all contributors. In some cases, answers to flagged questions may remain live even after a question is flagged if the answers are appropriate and helpful.

How can I hide questions I don’t want to see again?

If you do not want to see a question again but it does not meet the threshold for flagging, you may hide the question by clicking the “Hide” icon in the “More Actions” menu. Hiding a question will remove it from your feed but keep it visible for other community members. You may still see this question on other parts of the site such as contributor profiles or leaderboards.

Can I follow questions?

Yes. To follow a question click the "Star" icon on the question detail page. Once you follow a question, it will appear under the Followed tab in the Questions section. You will receive a notification every time a new answer goes live on a followed question. You can unfollow a question at anytime by clicking the blue star again.

Answers on Alexa Answers

How do I contribute answers?

You can contribute answers by clicking the “Answer” button either on questions in a list or on the question page. Type you answer into the submission box and submit it when you are ready.

Can I hear my answer before I submit it?

Yes! Once you start typing, a play button will appear on the submission field with the label “Hear it!” You can use this feature to hear your answer spoken by an Alexa-like voice before submitting it. Use this feature to hear how your answer will sound and adjust it to sound its best when Alexa users' hear it.

What happens to my answers after submission?

After you submit an answer, it will be reviewed before going live. During this time it is visible on the site but it is not being shared by Alexa. These answers are reviewed for quality by a combination of automated systems, community members, and Alexa Answers moderators before going live. If your answer is accepted, it may be made available on Alexa next time a user asks the question you answered. You can tell that your answer is available for Alexa to use if the blue “LIVE” icon appears below your answer.

How and when are my answers shared?

Once an answer becomes live, it is available to be shared with Alexa users. When a user next asks the question, your answer may be shared as a response. If more than one contributor answers a specific question, Alexa may rotate between answers until she gains enough feedback from users or the community to determine which answer is the most useful. Alexa may also have learned a new answer from someplace other than Alexa Answers and may share that answer instead.

What makes a good answer on Alexa Answers?

Good answers respond to the question briefly, directly, and accurately, in a contributor’s own words. They do not contain any content that is obscene, threatening, defamatory, invasive of privacy, or infringing of intellectual property rights (including publicity rights). To learn more writing and rating answers please see the Answer Guidelines.

What answers are not accepted on Alexa Answers?

In order to generate helpful responses for Alexa to use when she is asked questions in the future, answers must be kept to under 300 characters. Answers may also be automatically rejected if they contain any of the types of objectionable content listed above. For additional information about what content is and is not accepted on Alexa Answers and other Amazon sites, please see Amazon’s Amazon Conditions of Use and the Alexa Answers Answer Guidelines.

How do I report bad answers?

You can flag an answer on Alexa Answers to report it. Answers can be flagged if they are inappropriate, incomprehensible, incorrect, irrelevant, a duplicate of previous answer, or if they are spam. Once flagged, the answer will be hidden from your feed. If an answer receives enough flags, or if an Alexa Answers moderator flags an answer, it will stop being shared with Alexa users. Answers flagged as inappropriate or incomprehensible will not be shared with Alexa users and will not visible by the Alexa Answers community.

What are “Not Live” answers?

“Not Live” answers are visible on the Alexa Answers site but not shared with Alexa users. Answers may be made “Not Live” because they are: subjective or offer unqualified advice, a duplicate of a previously published answer, they are flagged as incorrect or irrelevant to the question by the Alexa answers community, or they are deemed unhelpful by the majority of Alexa users that hear them. “Not Live” answers keep the points they earned while they were Live and may be edited, improved, and resubmitted for a chance to be Live again.

What are "Pending" answers?

When a new answer or answer edit is submitted, it is sent through our moderation system to be reviewed. An answer that is awaiting review will show a “Pending” status.

What are flagged answers?

Flagged answers were reported by members of the Alexa Answer community or flagged by internal moderators as inappropriate or incomprehensible. Flagged answers are not visible to the rest of the Alexa Answers community and not shared with Alexa users. Flagged answers do not keep the points they earned before flagging. If one of your answers is flagged, you can rewrite and resubmit your answer to address the reason for flagging.

How can I find and review the answers I’ve submitted?

You can find a sortable, filterable list of all the answers you’ve submitted under the “Your Answers” tab on your “Home” page.

Can I edit or remove my answers?

Yes. If you want to improve your answer you may edit it. Edited answers will be reviewed as though they were new submissions. You may also remove your answer. Any points earned on removed answers will be lost. You can access the edit and remove actions by click the three-dot “More Actions” menu on your answers.

Can I promote my product, business, or myself in my answers?

No. The purpose of Alexa Answers is to improve Alexa’s knowledge and help Alexa users. It is not a marketing or promotional tool. Answers that appear to be promotional will be marked as spam and will not be shared with Alexa users. Please see our Community Guidelines and Answer Guidelines for more detailed information.

Can I tell jokes or write humorous responses?

Answers should be as helpful as possible. Though humor and personality can be delightful to Alexa users, answers that are not helpful or that contain coarse or rude humor are not acceptable and will be flagged and not shared with Alexa users. Please see our Community Guidelines and Answer Guidelines for more detailed information.

Points, Feedback, Ratings, and Impact

How can I stay up-to-date on Alexa Answers?

You can subscribe to the Alexa Answers community newsletter for regular updates, community stats, and news.

What are points and how are they calculated?

Points are used to track the quantity and quality of your contributions to Alexa Answers. Each answer is given a point score based on the number of times Alexa shares the answer and the quality of the answer based on Alexa user feedback. When an Alexa user hears an answer they can tell Alexa if the answer was helpful or not. The more positive upvotes an answer receives the more points it earns. The more negative downvotes and answer receives the fewer points it will earn. Bonus points may also be earned on certain questions to increase the reward for answering the question. Questions that are stumping Alexa most may grant bonus points.

What can I use Alexa Answers points for?

Alexa Answers points are used to compete with other contributors on the leaderboards, which are visible to all users of the site. Currently, there is no way to redeem these points for anything on or off the Alexa Answers website.

What do shares by Alexa mean?

“Shares by Alexa” reports the number of times Alexa spoke your answer to a user. Shares is not a measure of quality but of how many times the answer you submitted was shared by Alexa.

What does feedback on answers mean?

Feedback is how Alexa Answers measures how helpful an answer is to Alexa users. When Alexa uses your answer, she may also elicit feedback by asking 'Did that answer your question?' The number of upvotes reflects the number of times users said YES to this question. Similarly, the number of downvotes reflects the number of times users said NO. If enough users downvote your answer, it will stop being used by Alexa.

My answer was good, why did some Alexa users downvote it?

Sometimes Alexa users provide negative feedback to good answers. It may be the answer wasn’t exactly what they wanted to hear or it may be they are in a bad mood. Even the very best answers with lots of positive feedback can have a few downvotes. If your answer is getting a lot of downvotes it may indicate something is wrong with it and it may need to be researched and re-written.

What do star ratings mean?

Star rating is the way that the community members can provide input on answer quality and help Alexa decide which answers to share. Answers are rarely completely perfect or completely terrible, by using a 5 point scale, star ratings give community members a range to decide how good (or bad) and answer is. See the Answering Guidelines for more detailed information. If all the answers on a question are good and are getting lots of downvotes, there may be something wrong with the question and it should be flagged as unanswerable.

My answer was good, why did it get a low star rating?

Sometimes community members rate good answers with only one or two star reviews. They may do this because they genuinely believe the answer is poor quality, they are not aware of the ratings guidelines, or they may be trying to abuse or manipulate the rating system.  Alexa Answers monitors the site for abusive behavior such as harassing or manipulative answer rating. Community members that display this behavior may be warned, suspended, or banned.

How can I see the impact my answers make?

Visit the “Your Impact” tab on your “Home” Page to see various impact stats including how many answers you’ve contributed, how many times they’ve been shared, and how helpful your answers are based on Alexa user feedback. You will also be able to see badges you’ve earned and track your progress on badges you are in the process of earning.

Profile and Settings

How does Alexa Answers use my Amazon Public Profile?

Alexa Answers will display your Amazon Public Profile on your answers and on your profile on the site. Your Amazon Public Profile is the name and image that appears on Amazon Reviews and throughout the Amazon website. If you choose to display your profile information, your profile name and profile image will appear on your answers and throughout the site. It will not be shared when Alexa delivers the answer to an Alexa user.

Can I contribute anonymously?

You have the option to contribute anonymously on Alexa Answers. If you choose to hide your information, you will appear as “Anonymous” to other users. Your Alexa Answers profile page will not be visible to others on the site. You can manage your Amazon profile visibility in Settings.

How do I change my name or avatar on my profile?

To change your name or avatar on your profile, navigate to your Amazon Profile Page. Changing your name and avatar here will change it on Alexa Answers, Amazon Reviews, and across the Amazon site.


How are leaderboards calculated?

Alexa Answers ranks the top ten contributors and top ten answers on leaderboards according to points and helpfulness. The “Most Points” leaderboards rank based on points earned in a given time period. The “Most Helpful” leaderboards rank on “Helpfulness Score” (the ratio of positive feedback to negative feedback received) in a given time period, once a minimum number of feedback responses is gathered. Monthly leaderboards reset on the 1st day of each calendar month. Weekly leaderboards reset every Monday. Daily leaderboards reset every morning.

Who is eligible to compete on leaderboards?

Anyone with an Amazon public profile enabled and their Alexa Answers profile set to visible in Settings may appear on the contributor leaderboards. Anonymous contributors will not appear on leaderboards and will not be ranked.

Feedback and Abuse

How do I provide feedback about Alexa Answers?

You can provide feedback, complaints, or suggestions to the Alexa Answers team by emailing We will read and review all messages sent and respond if appropriate.

How do I report abuse?

You can report suspected abusive or harassing behavior by emailing Our team will investigate the report and take action if necessary.

What does it mean if I’ve been warned or suspended?

If we identify abusive behavior, including submitting inappropriate answers, you may receive a warning. If the behavior continues your account will be suspended. Community members may be blocked from the using the site permanently if they continually violate our Community Guidelines or Amazon’s Amazon Conditions of Use.

What should I do if I believe someone has used my intellectual property to respond to a question that appears on the Community Answers page?

You can report intellectual property infringement by sending an email with the following information: (1) A physical or electronic signature of the person authorized to act on behalf of the owner of the copyright interest; (2) A description of the copyrighted work that you claim has been infringed upon; (3) A description of where the material that you claim is infringing is located on the site (for example, a screenshot or copy/paste of the question and answer you claim is infringing); (4) Your address, telephone number, and e-mail address; (5) A statement by you that you have a good-faith belief that the disputed use is not authorized by the copyright owner, its agent, or the law; and (6) A statement by you, made under penalty of perjury, that the above information in your notice is accurate and that you are the copyright owner or authorized to act on the copyright owner's behalf.